Direct EB-5

The EB-5 Visa program is designed for individuals who have enough money to seek permanent residency for themselves and their families. The United States government supports this program because it helps to grow the economy and to provide employment to U.S. residents.

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There are two major areas in this investment Green Card program:

• Individual/Direct EB-5
• Regional Center EB-5

Under the individual or direct EB-5, the investor is expected to:

  1. Buy or start a business enterprise in the United States.
  2. Choose a new or an existing business.
  3. Make an investment of at least one million dollars. They can make an investment of $500,000 if they are relocating to certain rural locations or places that have a high unemployment rate.
  4. Actively manage the business.
  5. Create at least ten new jobs for US residents with their business investment.
  6. The investor, their spouse, and any children under the age of 21 will receive a conditional Visa.

The direct or individual EB-5 is the most common and the foreign investor who has enough resources and who is able to create enough jobs through the business that they start or buy will be able to apply for a Green Card so that they can get permanent residency.

There has also been an increase in investors who want to pool their resources together in order to invest in the United States and to create employment. It is similar to a Regional Center project as the various investors will pool their resources towards a particular investment. There are no specific requirements for majority ownership in this approach.

The main difference between a Regional Center project and a pooled individual investment project is in job creation. With the pooled individual investment project, each investor must create at least ten direct jobs. However, with the Regional Center project, the investors can create both direct and indirect jobs.

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